Friday, August 21, 2009

Let’s rap, shall we?

For the past year or so, my intellectual stimulus has been confined to any menial tasks that fit within my 9 hour work day. Beyond that, my lazy ass has taken up brain liquefying activities a la Facebook, television and just plain sitting and staring at the wall. What had happened to my unfinished list of crafty activities? Where are all my unread books? What’s up with that pile of pristinely folded newspapers? Why are all my stories still in my head and not on paper? What happened to my nightly journal entries to document the events of the day? Where have all the cowboys gone?

No, no, no…. this will not do.

Considering my current dreams and aspirations, toting around a brain of mush is just plain unacceptable. Granted, it’s unacceptable regardless, but given my current goals, I must at least be able to pull off the façade of a well read, well informed and well rounded young lady. So this is why I have decided to start a blog.

What good would a blog do? Well, if I feel as if I’m writing for an audience, even a one person audience, I’ll be able to gain a sense of connection and write in such a manner which will be helpful in the future. Well… perhaps that is. Also, maintaining a blog may give me a little motivation to continue writing and not just frivolous jank on scrap paper. Indeed I must do more than just write nonsense. There needs to be a theme or goal even to what I will write. I guess this will have to be determined at a later time, because my mush brain is at a loss. All I can garner at the moment is that I would like it to be informative and humorous. Quite an arduous task, no doubt.

Thus starts my blog.

Tune into the news at 5 for all the latest musings of Larah McKay. Piece.

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  1. Hang in there girl. Good will come your way. It might not be today; you are still very young and beautiful. There is definatly someone out there for you to molest and conquer. There is no way I will not be able to communicate with you on the intellectual level you have displayed above in your blog.